‘To enable financial fitness, by making money management skills and knowledge accessible to all!’

Irrespective of your profession, managing your finances is as essential as exercising and eating well. With food, housing, healthcare & education costs rising rapidly, planning ahead for you and your family’s financial needs has become imperative!

Whether you hire a financial advisor or money manager to oversee your investments, you need to understand the basics of financial planning.

The Finance GYM Program

Finance GYM is a fun workout that helps you Grow Your Money. We use a gamified approach to teach personal finance. You will learn about investing and money management with the help of online tutorials and games.

Finance GYM has been covered by leading publications including Business India, Economic Times , The Hindu and DNA

We Are Leading the Way
in Finance Education

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Here are some comments from the participants who attended the workouts.

“A great opportunity to learn the real life scenarios through a virtual game”

“Helpful in getting practical knowledge through live examples and interactive sessions”

“The Finance GYM session taught me the importance of investing early”

 “Good discussion forum. Very practical approach. These types of sessions should be more frequent”

“One of the best ways to learn about the stock market”

Finance GYM is offered in many formats

Learn the basics of investing, at your own pace, through our online tutorials and fun activities. Play the Finance GYM interactive online game, where you create and manage a virtual portfolio with real investment products to achieve the given financial goals.

Use our finance tools, such as cost calculators and online questionnaire, to create your financial plan and create & track your investment portfolio online.

To play the Finance GYM game, click here

This program prepares college students for a successful financial future. Students learn about financial planning by playing the Finance GYM online game and attending interactive classroom sessions. The program emphasizes the importance of starting early with the habit of saving and investing. The Finance GYM game is an online interactive game, where the students learn the practical aspects of financial planning by creating and managing a virtual portfolio, with real investment products, to achieve the given financial goals.

The Finance GYM for Colleges program is offered at 3 levels

  • Finance GYM Basic – for Non-Management students,
  • Finance GYM Intermediate – for Management students
  • Finance GYM Advanced – for MBA (Finance) students.

This workshop covers a variety of topics that are specially curated to be a response to common queries from women. Women are often hesitant to invest their money on their own, despite being adept at handling their household expenditure. Furthermore, studies have shown that women make better long-term investors than men – once they actually start to invest! The workshop aims at helping women understand the process of investing better giving them confidence in their abilities to grow their money. Finance GYM for Women is a fun way for women to learn how to invest wisely through a combination of both online and offline activities.

Many surveys show that employee productivity is impacted by financial worries. Finance GYM for Corporates helps teach professionals financial planning, through a combination of interesting online and offline activities. This fun and engaging program helps introduce financial planning basics to a company’s workforce, and guides them in areas such as:

  • Why saving is NOT enough?
  • Questions to ask a financial advisor when they sell you financial products
  • Pros and cons of various financial products


Finance GYM for Teens is a first of its kind, unique games and activities based money management program, explaining the concepts of personal finance in a fun and interactive manner.

The program can be offered in multiple formats based on the schools and students convenience.

  • Summer workshops
  • After school program 
  • A Part of school curriculum

Please email if you would like more details about the program.